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Inscan Contractors believes that all workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable and that continued excellence in health and safety is the key to long term success.

We understand that safety in the workplace is a process that everyone has a shared responsibility in. We will actively champion safe behaviour, continuously improve our processes, and require individual accountability to meet or exceed all of the standards established by legislation, Inscan, and any client requirements.  All work activities performed by workers, including subcontractors, will be performed in accordance with the OHSA and Regulations for Construction Projects; as well as client programs.

The result of a successful health and safety program is the elimination and reduction of personal injury, property damage and occupational disease.

Commercial Insulation


  • Promote a positive health and safety culture, training and education
  • Encourage a pro-active approach to all health and safety issues
  • Monitor the workplace conditions and implement corrective measures where required
  • Consider legislative health and safety requirements as minimum standard
  • Provide assistance to Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • Require that subcontractors commit themselves to the prescribed standards
  • Evaluate employees and subcontractors’ safety performance on a regular basis

Inscan is a specialist in the thermal insulation industry, with a proven history of meeting the demands of our customers throughout the industrial, commercial, nuclear and institutional sectors for new construction and maintenance in operating plants.

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