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  • Industrial Insulation Toronto
    Industrial Insulation

    Inscan has the experience & manpower to handle all types of industrial insulation services.

    Industrial Insulation  
  • Commercial Insulation
    Commercial Insulation

    With over 35 years in business, Inscan has the experience to ensure your commercial needs are met.

    Commercial Insulation  
  • Institutional Insulation
    Institutional Insulation

    Inscan Contractors can help control rising energy costs by professionally insulating your facility.

    Institutional Insulation  

Inscan Contractors Inc.

Inscan ContractorsEstablished in 1982, Inscan Contractors Inc. consists of a professional and dedicated owner and staff with extensive business and industry experience combined with well trained, qualified union tradespersons. Inscan has earned their reputation of providing industry leading service and workmanship while maintaining a model safety record.

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Industrial Fireproofing

Industrial Fireproofing

Fireproofing can be found in a vast array of facilities worldwide. A properly installed Fireproofing System slows the rapid growth of a fire and protect the building’s structure, which allows the safe exit of the structures inhabitants, saves the structures vital assets, and reduces the overall damage to the structure.

It is generally applied to the following areas of a buildings structure:
• Steel Columns and Beams
• Joists
• Floors
• Trusses
• Roof Decking

A properly installed fireproofing system will enhance a building’s structural integrity, which overall will saves lives, save assets and mitigate the devastation of a fire to your building.

Other items benefitting from insulation as it relates to Fire Protection are; • Kitchen Exhausts;
• Emergency Generator Exhausts & Silencers;
• Stand Pipes;
• Grease Ducts and Ventilation Air Ducts;
• .....and many, many more!


Industrial Firestop


Firestopping is the compartmentalization of a structure, created by the use of fire rated floor, wall and ceiling assemblies, to reduce the severity of a fire and the passage of the developing smoke and gases to ensure safety to both life and property within the structure.

When penetrations in these assemblies are created for building services, it becomes critical to seal these penetrations to a rating equivalent to or greater than the fire resistance rating of the assembly. This design approach will assist in confining a fire to its origin, thereby giving the building's suppression system and the eventual arrival of firefighters a better chance to control it before the entire structure becomes involved.

Inscan Contractors management and staff are knowledgeable, experienced and certified in a number of different fire stop systems and manufacturers.  We can assist in anything from the installation of a previously approved detail, to the creation of a new Engineering Judgement, in special circumstances where an assembly does not have a previously tested and certified detail. 
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Firestop Spray

Rope Access

Irata trained rope access technician

Irata trained rope access technicians can eliminate time consuming and costly scaffold erection for insulation systems and industrial fireproofing installation and inspections.  Highly trained and skilled workers can safely access the work area through a strategically anchored rope system.


Inscan Tank Access System

Inscan Tank Access System

The Inscan Tank Access System is a pneumatically powered swing stage system with wheeled outriggers connected to the center of a tank roof. It is capable of travelling around the tank in either direction, which provides access to the entire sidewall of a tank in order to facilitate installation of the specified insulation and cladding onto the tank sidewalls. Because the system is pneumatically powered it can be installed on in-services tanks in refineries and used without the need for “hot work” permits. The system can be installed on tanks over 30 feet in diameter. It eliminates the need for scaffold and minimizes material handling costs.

Energy Appraisals

Our Certified* Insulation Energy Appraisers can show you how you can significantly reduce your facility’s energy costs and environmental impact.

Our appraisers use sophisticated software to evaluate the thermal performance of your insulated and/or uninsulated piping and equipment. They will document your actual BTU losses, translate those losses into dollars, and calculate your greenhouse gas emission levels. Most importantly, they can project total potential energy savings/emissions reductions with an upgrade to your insulation system.

After they have completed a thorough assessment of your facility, you will receive a customized report containing an analysis of all the data gathered during the appraisal process. The report is designed to help you make informed business decisions regarding insulation that can have significant payback for the life of your facility. Insulation systems provide an excellent return on investment and quick payback through cost savings.

Call us today and see how an Insulation Energy Appraisal can show you where potential energy savings exist in your facility. You will be amazed at the energy and dollar savings and emissions reduction achieved by investing in a properly insulated system. Financing available for suitable projects.

Energy Appraisals

Corrosion Under Insulation Inspections

Moisture accumulates on the substrate of piping

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is not a new problem, however it has recently come to the fore front of many Plant Managers, Engineers, Operators, and Owners alike due to the massive costs involved with mitigating it.

Simply put, CUI is when moisture accumulates on the substrate of piping or equipment underneath an insulation system.   The equipment or piping begins to corrode as it is exposed to water and oxygen. CUI is common in refineries and process plants that typically operate equipment at very high temperatures.

It is usually caused by, but not limited to:
• Intermittent wet-dry cycling conditions
• Systems operating below typical atmospheric dew point (sweating services)
• Insulating materials holding moisture and not allowing proper drainage
• Insulation systems with missing, degraded or poorly installed cladding sealants and flashings, causing water intrusion into the insulation system
• Damaged insulation system from foot traffic or mechanical abuse
• Break down of the vapour barrier on an insulated system, and;
• Marine Environments

Effective maintenance and inspection practices will assist in preventing corrosion damage before it becomes a severe problem. If the issues found are not mitigated and corrected, the corrosion will continue to get worse, until complete equipment or piping malfunction happens, or worse yet, damage to property or worker when a complete failure arises.

At Inscan Contractors, we take CUI very seriously, ensuring both our management and staff alike are trained and aware of CUI's impacts on your plant or place of business, ensuring new insulation systems will either completely eliminate, or at minimum, slow the effects of CUI, while keeping a watchful eye on your existing, previously insulated systems, bringing any and all defects or potential future failures in surrounding insulation systems to your immediate attention.

If you would like a CUI inspection at your facility, please feel free to contact us at any time to set up a site visit.

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